automation solutions

With our Atlassian add-ons you can standardize your development workflows and enforce internal company policies.


Plan DSL for Bamboo

Treat your build plans as code! A Bamboo plug-in to create and maintain your build plans with a Groovy-based DSL.

Main features:

  • Provides a Bamboo seed task to create and maintain your build plans and deployment projects
  • Allows you to develop your DSL files in IntelliJ by providing library support
  • Is also able to generate the Groovy DSL for existing plans and deployment projects to make it easier to get started

Repository Templates for Bitbucket Server

Manage your repository settings centrally and this add-on ensures that your repositories are always consistently configured. Also allows you to define default files (e.g.,, LICENSE, .gitattributes) every repository should have when created.

Main features:

  • Provides configurable settings and content for your templates
  • Copies settings of the template repository (permissions, branch model, hook settings, etc.) over to new repositories
  • Keeps the settings of your repositories consistent