code reviews solutions

With our Atlassian add-ons you can manage the code quality of your software in Bitbucket Cloud & Server. They improve your code reviews by using static code analysis tools like Checkstyle, PMD, etc. as well as by integrating SonarQube's code quality metrics.


Sonar for Bitbucket Server

Integrates SonarQube into Bitbucket Server by showing Sonar metrics, test coverage, duplicated lines and code issues in pull requests and by providing checkers to disallow merging of new code if configurable quality thresholds are exceeded.

Main features:

  • Shows Sonar code issues in pull requests
  • Visualizes code coverage and duplicate code lines
  • Pull request statistics and quality merge checks

Code Review Assistant for Bitbucket Server

Integrates static code analysis tools. Detects violations and reports them on pull request comments, which again can be commented. Also provides source code cross-referencing in pull requests which makes code browsing as convenient as in an IDE. Furthermore, it marks files which have been detected as bug hotspots. Finally, pull request templates allow you to configure a default description to help contributors to add the right amount of details.

Main features:

  • Static code analysis for analyzing pull requests with your Analyzer of choice.
  • Bug prediction and pull request templates
  • Source code cross-referencing as in the IDE