Development tools to help teams ship better software faster.

We provide development tools for code quality, dev analytics, technical documentation and developer productivity.

Apps for Code Quality

Improve the quality of your software by integrating static code analysis results into pull requests.

  • Sonar for Bitbucket

    Integrates SonarQube's useful metrics and static code analysis into Bitbucket's pull requests.

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  • Sonar for Bamboo

    Provides Bamboo tasks to analyze Maven, Gradle, MSBuild, and SonarQube Scanner projects with SonarQube.

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  • Code Review Assistant for Bitbucket

    Analyzes your build logs for warnings and reports them in Bitbucket's pull requests.

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Apps for Dev Analytics

Get deeper insights into your development workflow and learn how to improve it to build better software faster.

  • One-to-One Analytics for Confluence

    Supports One-to-One meetings with data-driven insights for continuous improvement of engineers.

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    Assesses your current DevOps adoption state and helps you to continuously improve your team work practices by setting team goals.

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Apps for Technical Documentation

Share knowledge across Atlassian products to prevent duplication and integrate content from other products.

  • Include Bitbucket for Confluence

    Includes files and metadata from Bitbucket repositories into Confluence pages to have up-to-date project documentation, source code and config file snippets.

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  • Jupyter Viewer for Confluence

    Renders Jupyter notebooks from various sources like GitHub, Dropbox and Bitbucket to integrate your teams' scientific work into Confluence pages.

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  • Include GitLab for Confluence

    Includes files from public or private repositories on GitLab into Confluence pages.

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  • Beautiful Math for Confluence

    Renders math expressions in Confluence pages, supporting LaTeX, AsciiMath and MathML.

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Apps for Developer Productivity

Improve software development processes with better automation, standardization and with reliable & fast feedback.

  • Code Owners for Bitbucket

    Improves the quality of your code reviews by automatically assigning experts as mandatory pull request reviewers.

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  • Pull Request Checklist Buddy

    Provides default tasks/todo lists in pull requests for better reviews and to automate processes.

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  • Create Branch Wizard

    Helps to prevent mistakes, ensures consistency & saves time when creating new branches in Bitbucket.

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  • Activity Streams for Bitbucket

    Provides activity streams on the most important events for repositories, projects and users.

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  • Repository Templates for Bitbucket

    Manage repository settings centrally so that repositories are always consistently configured. Also allows you to define default files (, LICENSE) every new repository should have.

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