Pull Request Checklist Buddy for Bitbucket

More than a pull request template. A flexible, trackable, and auditable pull request checklist.

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  • Trackable and auditable PR templates

    Reminders for manual tasks like preparing release notes or updating public docs. Track important tasks like test cases or inform marketing for successful releases.

    Trackable pull request checklist with Bitbucket tasks

  • Flexible PR templates with conditional tasks

    Different types of pull requests may have different kinds of rules. With the definition of conditional rules depending on the destination branch or file types, it's easy to create flexible templates.

    Flexible pull request checklist with conditions Schedule a demo

  • Enforce compliance with merge checks

    Use built-in merge check to require task completion. Best practices or standard company policies are integrated in daily work and raises dev productivity. Prevent common mistakes like merging local configs or credentials

    Enforce pull request compliance with merge checks