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With our Atlassian add-ons you can communicate more efficiently and always stay up-to-date in your software projects.


Activity Streams for Bitbucket Server

Provides activity streams on repository, project, user and server level including RSS feeds.

Main features:

  • Provides repository and project activity stream
  • Provides user activity stream
  • Filtering functionality
  • Auto-update functionality

Repository Dashboard for Bitbucket server

A dashboard which lets you see all important information about your repositories at a glance.

Main features:

  • Provides a dashboard with all important information about a repository
  • Contributor statistics, searchable lists of pull requests, branches, tags and forks
  • Shows build status, JIRA issues and "ahead/behind" for the current branch, the SHA hash of the latest commit and more

Include BITBUCKET SERVER for Confluence

Provides macros to include code snippets and files from Bitbucket Server (Stash) into a Confluence page.

Main features:

  • Links the files in your Bitbucket Server / Stash Repos
  • Renders Markdown and highlights code automatically
  • Includes linked repository information like open pull requests, branches and commits into a Confluence page