Welcome to Mibex Software

We build development solutions for atlassian products.

our solutions

We provide solutions for Atlassian's development tools that empower teams to ship better softwar faster.

Code reviews

Improve the quality of your software projects with our code review tools.


Standardize development workflows and enforce internal company policies.

team work

Communicate more efficiently and stay up-to-date in software projects with our tools.


Open source software

Because open source software plays a major role in our development, we see it as a matter of course to give the same effort back to our community by creating useful, free and easy-to-use tools.


Plan DSL for Bamboo - Treat your build plans as code!

Configuration as code with a Groovy-based DSL for Atlassian Bamboo. This allows you to standardize your build plans and deployment projects by treating them as code.


Plan DSL example project

An example project for writing DSL scripts for the Plan DSL for Bamboo plug-in in IntelliJ with IDE and testing support. Import the project into IntelliJ by using the provided build.gradle file. 

ShipIt to Marketplace for Atlassian Bamboo

A Bamboo plug-in for continuous deployment of Atlassian p2 plug-ins. No manual uploads and duplicating release notes anymore - ship your plug-ins fully automated to the Atlassian Marketplace! 



SonarQube plug-in to create pull request comments for found issues in your Bitbucket Cloud pull requests.

Alfred Workflow for Atlassian Bamboo

Alfred workflow to search for projects, plans, build results and more in Atlassian Bamboo.


Alfred Workflow for Atlassian Bitbucket Server

Alfred workflow to search for projects, repositories and pull requests to review in Atlassian Bitbucket.