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We build development tools to help teams ship better software faster.

Build better software faster

Our Development Tools

  • Security

    Security is fundamental to everything we do. Use our apps to prevent security issues upfront.

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  • Code Quality

    Improve the quality of your software by integrating static code analysis results into pull requests.

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  • Dev Analytics

    Get deeper insights into your development workflow and learn how to improve it to build better software faster.

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  • Technical Documentation

    Share knowledge across Atlassian products to prevent duplication and integrate content from other products.

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  • Developer Productivity

    Improve software development processes with better automation, standardization and with reliable & fast feedback.

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Product News

DevSensei for Bitbucket

Automatically merges Pull Requests based on the Ship/Show/Ask branching pattern

DevSensei Auto Merge for Bitbucket Cloud


  • Merges pull requests automatically once all checks (builds, reviewer approvals, tasks) passed
  • Supports Ship/Show/Ask pattern for using pull requests efficiently

  • Spend less time waiting, and let DevSensei do the boring work for you!
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